You want to go to Country Jam, you just don't know how you can let your job know you won't be in to work for four days. Don't worry. Here are ten foolproof excuses you can use!

1) My car broke down

Yeah, the old standby. It will work even better if you have a pic or two from the last time your ride died.

2) My dog/cat/iguana or whatever is sick

Another good one from the way back machine. Unless your boss is heartless, this will definitely work. Choosing a "vet" near the Country Jam Ranch can't hurt either!

3) I must have food poisoning

Honestly, the more detail you can make up for this the better. There are some people who are so good at using this one that they actually make other people sick with their descriptions.

4) Overflowed Septic System

Again, the more pictures you can use the better off you're gonna be. And honestly, NO one wants to see your septic pictures. A good one right here.

5) My Uncle's cousin's sister's next door neighbor passed away

It's so sad when family members pass. Even sadder when you have no idea who they are and have to muster the appropriate emotion to pull it off. If you have the emotion of Mr. Spock, stay away from this one.

6) Too much candy

Believe it or not, this one works. The overload of sugar gave you a migraine from Hades, for example. A good one to use because candy can cause several I have to miss work issues!

7) Tire Blow Out

On the road. On your way to work. And it will take hours because that damn concert thing is going on I guess and everything is taking longer. See what I did there?

8) I woke up with a rash all over

And it itches. And burns. And, you get the idea. For some reason, no one wants to hear about your rash.

9) I can't get off of the toilet

A thoughtful user of excuses will partner this one with one of the other ones, like candy consumption, for example. Remember to use that I am in pain voice you've perfected.

10) My kid is sick

You always hate using this one, because it seems like, when you do, the kids actually get sick. But if the other nine won't work, this one will.

So there, now you have no excuse to not be at Country Jam, or any concert you don't want to miss!

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