Whoever says size matters hasn't stepped foot into this pint-sized pad.

Come inside and take a look at this 86-square-foot apartment in Paris.

It was created by an architecture company for a client's au pair, with the idea it could be multi-functional, like a Swiss Army knife. Mission accomplished.

This apartment has more secret drawers and surprises stored inside than a haunted house from 'Scooby-Doo.'

It looks like one of the staged rooms you'll see in IKEA where you stroll by it and think, "I like that and that and that" and then walk away without getting any of the things that caught your eye.

Amazingly, this whole video tour last longer than four minutes, which is odd because we're pretty sure that if you poke your head when the door opens and take a quick glance left and right, you'd get the gist in under 10 seconds.