Taylor Swift is a real person like you and me.She eats food just like us. This are all of the places Taylor Swift would go out to eat in Grand Junction.

One of the many reasons we like Taylor Swift is because we can relate to her. She loves coffee and so do we. She also always keep deliciousness like cookie dough or cinnamon rolls around.

I wanted to know if Taylor Swift came to Grand Junction, where would she go out to eat? So I asked you on our Facebook.

One can only hope to go to Bin 707 with Taylor Swift or Jared Leto...or both.

Yes, yes, and yes. They're all delicious and I'm open to going to all of these restaurants with Taylor Swift.

I'm down for a nice night in. What are you cooking for us, Kara?

I have a good time every time I go to Edgewater, and I'm sure my girl T. Swift will too.

Well it's official -- I'm hungry. And we've also got quite a few restaurants picked out for the next time Taylor Swift visits.

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