Normally when we post video such as this, it is meant as a warning to Colorado travelers. Today, it's more of a celebration. Colorado received snow!

Check out eastbound I-70 at roughly mile marker 210 via this video from Fox 31. We can all breathe a little easier. Colorado actually saw a little snow. Granted, Grand Junction had rain all day, and Denver saw little accumulation.

Isn't it weird to look at footage like this and say, "Oh, look at all those lucky drivers getting to go over the passes with ice and snow on the road"? Yes, footage like this is weird, but very welcome.

I've witnessed more than a few droughts during my 47 years in Western Colorado. No fun, Dr. Jones. Winter snow, while at times a genuine pain and potentially dangerous, is all part of the cycle. This is proving to be the most bizarre winters I've ever seen.

A few years ago I conducted a little survey. People were asked if they planned to continue riding their motorcycle throughout Western Colorado's winter. Surprisingly, to me at least, 61.29% of those who replied said they planned to continue riding their motorcycle year round. That survey was two years ago, right in the middle of a fairly legitimate winter.

Ride Motorcycle in Winter survey

Snowpack in the Colorado mountains is well below norm. Today's weather, while not exactly a blizzard, is welcome to most. Stay safe. Take it easy on Colorado's roads.

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