With Grand Valley temperatures hovering near 100, everyone's thoughts turn to cooling down. But, this may be a little extreme.

It will take a hike to get there, but at nearly 14,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains sits the Coldest Lake in Colorado -- Ice Lake. The name fits, believe me. The lake is covered with ice and snow about eight months out of the year.

It is along the 8-mile long hike known as the Ice Lake Trails. Thanks to Hank Blum for putting his adventure up on YouTube so we can all take a peek at how amazing it is up there. But, I'm sure it's ten times better in person.

To be fair though, it is quite the hike. Very steep in some sections. The trail head starts at 9,840 feet and rises to 12,392. You'll have to plan for a full day to get up there and back down. Dogs are allowed, b must be kept on a leash.

The color of the water is almost shocking. It's so blue.

thelazyhiker via YouTube
thelazyhiker via YouTube

Here is another video showing the trail and the lake.

If you do decide to take a dip, you may start with your toes first and work your way in v-e-r-y slowly.


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