Superhero or Gymnast
Think YOU'RE Tough? Watch this video of 3 Ukraine girls doing some Superhero stuff as they compete in the 2010 World Championships in Poland and be prepared to be AMAZED!
What’s With All the Bumps On Movie Costumes?
Is it me, or does it seem like every movie costume you see anymore is made of a material with billions and billions of little bumps all over it? The new Superman costume, the uniforms from Star Trek: Into Darkness, even the most recent Spider-Man costume, all have these boompities. Why? Personally, …
Watch Superheroes Play Street Hockey, Because It’s Awesome
They're all here, heroes and villains. Watch Spider-Man, Batmam, The X-Men, Bane, The Joker and more play street hockey in protest of the NHL Lockout.
This video proves that superheroes are incredibly talented athletes. I mean, how else are they able to pull this off wearing those ridiculous cos…