Steamboat Springs

Rabbit Ear-less Peak
Just like a chocolate Easter Bunny, Rabbit Ears Peak has lost one of its ears. Take a look at what it looked like just a few short years ago, compared to how it looks now.
Prime Suspect Apprehended
How many cars would a woodchuck burn if a woodchuck could burn cars? Answer: one. A woodchuck is a prime suspect in a case involving a torched car in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
FlatBuddy Comes To Steamboat
This week marks the 30th consecutive year that I have not attended Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Yup, that's right, I've never been to Texas and Red Dirt's biggest music and ski festival. It's sad. But thanks to the ingenuity of my pal, Rita Ballou, #FlatBuddyLogan …