Spring Break

Things to Do in Colorado During Spring Break
Spring Break! Magic words indeed to schoolkids everywhere. But what about the parents? We need a break during the break! And in Colorado, there is ALWAYS somewhere to go and something to do, right?
So let's take a look at a few things to do in and around our beautiful state...
Is Two Weeks Too Much?
Western Colorado's School District 51 will release students for an unprecedented two-week Spring Break. As you can no doubt imagine, a whole lot can go wrong in two weeks. Does this extended vacation constitute too much break time for students?
Spring Break Is Coming Up, What Will Your Kids Do?
It is March, and therefore Spring Break is coming up. What will your kids do for Spring Break while you are at work? The Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department has a bunch of things for your young ones to get involved with since they are not yet old enough to head to the beaches for Spring B…