5 Colorado Phone Cases You Can't Live Without
How have any of us lived this long without one of these? Show you're Colorado pride, and look sharp doing it, with these awesome phone cases displaying our state's logo and signature images.
Seriously, did I pay $20 for a boring old black and grey phone case...
It's Time For Another Mesa County Phone Scam
It's been almost three weeks since the last phone scam hit Western Colorado, so you know what that means. Be on the lookout for a female caller informing you of a warrant for your arrest. You're not in trouble, and she's not being nice.
The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a new ph…
Five Random Photos from Waylon's Phone
I've decided to answer the challenge and post five random photos from my dumbphone. Rest assured, there won't be any hacked nude scandal photos to be found. For that matter, it is unlikely anything of any real interest to anyone but me will be uncovered. In any event, let's find out.

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