Naked College Students Burglarize Beach Restaurant
Okay, so this is a bit serous and a bit funny- but seriously funny. Three college aged burglars in Bonita Beach, Fla. broke into a beach restaurant and only one of them wearing was underwear. The other two, naked as sushi. It's safe to say these brazen ham-burglars were not afraid of shrinkage …
Naked Nincompoop
A man was interviewed after his arrest and he blames his antics on being "the naked Indian and ponchoed cowboy at the same time . . ."
Burglar Found Naked in Home Holding Family Chihuahua
If you're in the market to commit a felony, you've got to get creative these days. With tons of weird crimes already on the books like the NHL dude who was arrested while wearing a Teletubby costume or the guy who was caught cooking pot pie in his tightie whities, it's hard to be original. We've rec…

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