Best Massage Therapist?
Before we go any farther, for the purpose of this survey, we're talking about legitimate, therapeutic massage. Sometimes life's challenges build up, and we need to work out the kinks. Nothing brings back balance and a sense of wellness like a great session with a knowledgeable and experien…
Pain, anyone?
This French dude sure seems to think so. Personally, I think it looks about as relaxing as the last motorcycle wreck I was involved in. Would you want to receive a massage like this?
Star Trek Massage Parlor
Even in the 23rd and 24th centuries, massage therapy thrives as a way to combat stress and fatigue, while providing an enjoyable and relaxing diversion from day to day worries. No one knows about stress like a Star Fleet captain. Observe as these captains enjoy a well deserved break from the rigors …
World's Best Job
No doubt you've seen her by now. Her name is Corrina Rachel, and she is a professional massage stunt model. She has the best day gig known to the human race. Basically, Corrina lays around and gets massaged for Psychetruth demonstration videos. Silly me. I actually wasted time going to broadcas…

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