Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy Sings Cash
When Leonard Nimoy passed away on Feb. 27, 2015, he left behind a vast legacy as an actor and director. But the entertainer was significantly lesser-known for a brief stint as a country singer.
National Leonard Nimoy Day
Today, March 26, marks two very important occasions: National "Make Up Your Own Holiday" Day, and Leonard Nimoy's birthday. With these two facts in mind, I hereby establish today, Thursday, March 26, 2015, to be "National Leonard Nimoy Day."
Read Zachary Quinto’s Heartbreaking Tribute to Leonard Nimoy
When he passed away last week at the age of 83, Leonard Nimoy was mourned by actors, artists, politicians, scientists, engineers, astronauts and even the President of the United States. That should tell you something. Few characters have had such a seismic impact on popular culture as Star Trek …
Words Of Wisdom
Leonard Nimoy, celebrated actor, director, author, photographer, and poet, returned to his place among the stars this morning. Take a moment to enjoy this touching footage of Nimoy delivering a convocation address, reflecting on the events that shaped his life.
Live Long & Prosper
Actor Leonard Nimoy was recently admitted to the UCLA Medical Center for an undisclosed medical emergency. The Crew at 99.9 KEKB would like to send this video message, wishing Mr. Nimoy a speedy recovery. If you would like to send a "get well' message to this beloved actor, we'll …
Leonard Nimoy Still Young at 83
Happy birthday to the greatest actor of all time, the one, the only, Mr. Leonard Nimoy. This guy can say the word "Duh" and it still sounds like he has an IQ of 8,006. Here's a list of five reasons why Leonard Nimoy is still very much a youngster at age 83.

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