Justice League

The ‘Justice League’ Comic-Con Trailer Puts Wonder Woman Front and Center
Say what you will about Warner Bros., but they’ve always saved some of their best Justice League footage for Comic-Con. Last year we were treated to our first extended look at the DCEU entry; this year the studio has raised the stakes, giving us some actual footage of the Justice League villain in action. Oh, and this trailer also seems to emphasize the heck out of the world of Wonder Woman - including a scene set entirely in Themyscira - indicating that they know exactly who their most popular superhero is going forward. It’s probably not a coincidence that there’s more Gal Gadot in this trailer than anyone else.
A Touching Cast Photo From The Justice League Movie That Never Was
Greg Van Borssum, a stuntman on the upcoming Mad Max reboot Fury Road, posted a photo to his Facebook page last month that offers a previously unseen glimpse of the cast and crew of the never-made 2008 Justice League movie. Justice League: Mortal was meant to film in 2008 under George Miller, co-writer and director of the Mad Max franchise, including Fury Road. Justice League: Mortal never began f
Christian Bale Won’t Play Batman in ‘Justice League’
When 'The Dark Knight Rises' came out -- even though the film left the door open for a spin-off or sequel  -- Christian Bale was consistent in saying that he would only come back if Christopher Nolan was at the helm. And though Warner Brothers is trying to get 'Justice League' going and would love to have him back, Bale has just said he will not be returning to play Batman.