Ultimate Father’s Day Gift – Calling From Jail [VIDEO]
Give Dad the one thing you know he wants for Father's Day; a call from the pokey, Club Fed, the clink, the pad, the pen, the 5-0'd, the hoosegow, the Greybar Hotel, the calaboose, the sneezer, the stockade, the cooler, the hole, the clink... in other words, give Dad a call from JAIL! A handful of re…
Country Jam 2013
I got to tour the new intake department at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and I thought this would be the perfect time to remind you to be on your BEST behavior at Country Jam or you could end up in the pokey!
Stupidity and Karma Lands Couple in Jail for Tampering With Doughnuts
You have probably heard the stories about people finding things in their food that don't belong there. Usually when you find a severed finger in your potato chips, a dead mouse in your milk or live spiders in your grapes you usually get an apology and a refund. Things don't tend to go so w…