Colorado’s Creepiest Places
Halloween is right around the corner and I have found a few places in Colorado that are creepy as heck. Places where lights flicker, chairs move and spooky stuff abounds.
I Think Our Radio Station is Haunted
I started this ghost adventure because I've been hearing lots of weird noises, footsteps, music getting louder and it made me think - is our radio station haunted? Here's my research/my radio station ghost adventure.
Haunted In Colorado
You hear about ghosts in all sorts of places, but when it's an older building like the Buffalo Rose Saloon in Golden, Colorado, the feeling of goosebumps intensifies tenfold.
Grand Avenue Haunting
Here is the next stop on the Grand Junction 'Haunted' Field Trip. Again, there is absolutely no proof of anything spooky or paranormal here. All in good fun.

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