Don't Throw Away Your Eclipse Glasses, Do This Instead
Those eclipse glasses you bought or stood in line for came in handy for about two hours. Now that the show is over, what do Colorado residents do with the things? It's going to be a while before the state sees another eclipse. Here's a way you can put them to good use.
These New Glasses are a Revelation
I love my new glasses. Reading music, or for that matter computer screens, was on the way to becoming an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, with my eye care benefits, I have the new glasses I needed.
Google Glasses
They're haven't even been released but they're already being banned! We're talking about Google Glass, and I'm not sure why, check out the video and tell us what you think!
Help Waylon With Bifocal-Fashion Delimma
It's time to face some unfortunate facts: I can't see crap, the doctor says I have to get bifocals, and I have no executive decision making ability.  For these reasons, your input is being sought to help solve my eye-wear dilemma.