Western Colorado When It Rains Too Much (PHOTOS)
How about that early afternoon rain we saw today? Pretty cool, huh? Most people were starting to forget what rain looked like. We don't get a ton of rain here in Western Colorado. These last few months, we've barely had an ounce. What happens if and when we get too much?
Robert Grant Photos of Western Colorado Floods of Yesteryear
As odd as it may seem to see precipitation of any kind in Western Colorado, to say nothing of the amount we saw last month, the reality is the region has seen its share of flooding. While some regard the Colorado River as little more than a glorified ditch, it has in fact overrun its banks. Check ou…
Pet Lovers Saving Animals Trapped by Floods [VIDEOS]
When floods strike, there are casualties besides people and property. Animals, both wild and domestic, are victims of flooding as well. Throughout the devastation, we animal lovers can take some comfort in knowing there are those who will risk life and limb to save those animals who have found thems…