Country Music

Taylor Swift is Ready to be a Pop Star
Well, what can I say? Taylor Swift was a great country-music singer and songwriter, she gave us great music and beautiful break-up songs for almost 10 years. Now she's moved on to a newer, younger, sexier suitor. Pop music.
Elvis Monroe The best country band you never heard of
Elvis Monroe may be one of the best bands you never heard of, at least not yet.  The band consists of members of Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Savage Garden and Emerson Drive, along with my friend Bryan Hopkins, who I've known for several years going back to my Alaska days when he fronted a …
Every Country Song in Three Minutes
You have to watch this video, it's every country song from the last two years in three minutes. I have to admit, this proves what country music fans already know we love big trucks, back roads, girls in tight jeans and short shorts, and river banks.
Kickoff Party
As the sun set over Grand Junction Wednesday night, one of the biggest parties in country music, that is Country Jam, was just getting started and we were there to check it out. The stages were set, the beer was cold and the weather was smokin' hot; all of the makings for the beginning of …