Awesome BBQ Recipes
My cooking abilities normally are limited to two steps. Step one find the food that needs to be cooked at the grocery store. Step two put whatever food I found in the microwave oven and push a button. Notice I did not say two buttons. That's too complicated. That normal cooking technique will n…
Best Meats In GJ
Barbecue season isn't over yet, not in Western Colorado, not by a long shot. People around the Grand Valley fire up the grill in two foot of snow and sub zero temperatures. When shopping for your grilling meats, where is the best place to go in Grand Junction?
Beer & BBQ
There's still plenty of time to fire up the BBQ before Winter sets in here in Western Colorado. Of course, you'll need to compliment your BBQ with the perfect beer. Which beer goes best with your personal backyard BBQ?
BBQ Don'ts
In honor of Labor Day Weekend and Pork and Hops coming up September 12 and 13, I figured we'd celebrate with some of our less intelligent amateur BBQers.
FREE Community BBQ!
Join us at the Fruita Business Expo Thursday April 11th to check out new area businesses and enjoy a FREE community BBQ brought to you by US!