Just when you think you're officially over the whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill go ahead and do one from the set of 'Batman vs. Superman.' And they do it in costume, too. Yes, this may be your one and only opportunity to watch people pour buckets of ice water on Superman's head.

As silly as it is, the omnipresent ice bucket challenge has raised countless millions for dollars for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research, which means that we have officially learned to not be too annoyed whenever we see the nth video from a family member or friend. However, it's hard to be annoyed when incredibly sexy people like Cavill and Adams commit to looking so silly on camera. It's especially hard to be annoyed when you realize that they probably risked damaging Cavill's very expensive Superman outfit just to get a laugh and raise a few bucks.

Anyway, the video above is better than your average ALS ice bucket video because of A). the people involved and B). the fact that everyone goes out of their way to punish Henry Cavill, dumping an obscene amount of water on him. What would've made this just a little better is if it was revealed at the end that it was Batman pouring the water on his head.

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