The annual migration to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has begun.

Sturgis-Bound Bikers Going Through Colorado

A lot of Sturgis-bound bikers will be coming from and through Colorado and law enforcement agencies in the state want to help make sure bikers get to their destination safely The goal is to remove impaired drivers and riders from the road.

So far in 2022, there have been 82 motorcycle fatalities on Colorado roads, including 140 deaths involving impaired drivers. Unfortunately, there will be a certain number of Sturgis attendees who won't make it home safely. That is so sad to me.

Have  You Been To Sturgis, South Dakota?

Of course, the Sturgis rally is in its 82nd year with thousands of bikers converging on a town of fewer than 7,000 people in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Several years ago I lived just 90 minutes from Sturgis but never attended a rally - in large part because I'm not a biker. It's far too wild for my blood. But, every year, we would watch a parade of Harley's buzz through Hot Springs on their way to the rally.

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Sturgis DUI Enforcement Underway In Colorado

The rally certain encourages a certain amount of unsafe behaviors with music events, pub crawls, and contests. The 2020 Sturgis DUI enforcement results in 392 arrests. Of course, that number is too large, but it's not unexpected when you are talking about hundreds of thousands of bikers.

Over the next several days you can expect to see more motorcycles on the road i Colorado.. One thing we can do to help keep them safe is to be extra alert and be on the lookout for bikes - which sometimes can be hard to see. And, hopefully, they are making wise decisions as well.


Images From 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Most of us will never attend a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and will never know exactly what it's like. But, we can get a little taste thanks to some images from the 2021 rally in Sturgis.

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