Coffee drinkers in Colorado have something to celebrate!

According to a recent study, what was once thought be damaging to your heart and circulatory system isn't bad at all.

It was once believed drinking coffee would lead to a hardening of your arteries, but this study, done by Queen Mary University in London suggests this is not the case.

Over 8,000 people were used in the study and from that study they determined having up to 25 cups a day posed no more damage to your body than found in those who drink no coffee at all.

Those in the test were separated into three groups. One drank less than a cup a day, one was allowed to have between one and three cups and the third group was allowed up to 25 cups per day.

The study doesn't suggest in any way that coffee is good for you, just not as bad for you as was previously thought.

So now when you go to Mountain Grind or Traders or wherever you get your coffee in Grand Junction, you can rest assured. Assuming you can sleep after all that coffee.


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