I had a boss once who had narcolepsy and would fall asleep anywhere anytime. I would be talking to him and he would nod off. Sometimes if I had a question, I would go into his office and he would be asleep. I never wanted to wake him up. However, it was funny, how you do not laugh I remember I was in mid-sentence and he started to snore.

I use to think how can he fall asleep while I am talking, and start snoring. It Happened. He was a great boss when he was awake.

So I thought it would be a great topic to ask where have you fallen asleep? Do you have narcolepsy?

I had one caller who said she fell asleep during a high-level meeting and started to snore. One person called me and said she fell asleep during math class and her teacher duck taped her to her chair and when she woke up, she fell over.

I really got a kick out of the woman whose husband would bungee cord her to his motorcycle when they would go out motorcycling riding. This one woman fell asleep standing up making a grilled cheese sandwich. Where have you fallen asleep?

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