For anyone looking for spoilers, you wont get any.

This epic journey began in 1977 in Rochester, N.Y. when I went to the opening day of the brand new Star Wars movie. Little did I know that 42 years later, the saga would end in Colorado, with my only daughter by my side.

I had always enjoyed space type stories and Star Wars fed that imagination. So it was with great personal satisfaction that my daughter enjoyed them as well.

This movie marks the sixth, and last Star Wars trilogy movie we will see together, and that is bittersweet. But as send-offs go, this one was sure a good one. The theater made sure there were storm troopers there to watch over the festivities, the fans who waited for the movie chatted eagerly about what they were about to see and of course, plenty of reminiscing.


The movie opens everywhere today (December 20) and I am sure there will be lines around every theater that will be showing it. And I bet there will be mothers and sons, fathers and daughters who will do what my daughter and I did. Take one last journey with Luke, Leia, Chewie, Han, Lando and all the other great characters we have loved for 42 years. A journey I have been happy to take with my daughter, and that we got to take together.

In a galaxy far, far away.

One last time.

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