As promised earlier this week, a whole new (albeit very short) Star Wars animated series is now available online. Head over to the Star Wars Kids’ YouTube channel (can’t wait to see the comments!) and you’ll find six episodes of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures. Or better yet — just watch them all embedded here.

This first season (I’m being generous) consists of six one-minute short films, adapting moments and characters from the original Star Wars trilogy. There are two episodes about Luke Skywalker, two about Darth Vader, one featuring Chewbacca (and Han Solo) and one with R2-D2 (and Princess Leia). They are very brief, but the animation is actually really cool. The first episode is above; the rest follow below:

Disney and Lucasfilm ain’t just releasing these cool little cartoons out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re designed to introduce very young fans to the concepts of Star Wars — and there’s going to be a new line of toys to go with the series. Here’s the first wave of figures from Hasbro, which will go on sale exclusively at Walmart tomorrow, and will be available more widely starting in January.


I wish these shorts were not so ... y’know, short. They’re actually very visually appealing. I could watch 30-minute versions of these. Or longer. More Galaxy of Adventures shorts are due on YouTube in 2019.

Gallery - Amazing Star Wars Concept Art:

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