After winter has finally finished wreaking havoc on our roads and vehicles, it’s important that we remove all of the accumulated salt and chemicals from our cars. Road crews help keep the streets clean and safe for driving, but unfortunately a lot of the materials they use to battle ice and snow build up on the outside, inside and undersides of our cars and trucks.

Sure, a bucket and hose will help you clean your car and get it ready for spring, but if you really want to protect your automobile, you might want to consider shelling out a bit of extra cash and going in for a professional carwash, and maybe a car wax too. Here are some of the reasons to hit the carwash this spring:

It Makes Future Washes Easier

By applying a coat of wax to your precious vehicle, you’ll actually make washing your car in the future a heck of a lot easier. Car wax will act as a protective barrier between the gunk and dead bugs knocking into your vehicle and its paint. This in turn will make deceased insects, pollen, tree sap and other goo easier to wipe off.

Better Fuel Economy

A clean and glistening car is actually more aerodynamic and less vulnerable to wind resistance while you’re driving. That translates into money saved at the gas pump and better overall mileage for your car.

Wax Reduces Paint Chips

Pebbles and other debris that hit your car while you're cruising along can cause paint to chip off. A coating of car wax will help those tiny stones glance off, reducing the damage small impacts (not boulders, though, sorry) can cause to the body of your car or truck.

Better Visibility

By maintaining a clean and well-washed car, inside and out, you’ll be able to see through your windshields much better, and the images in your mirrors will be much clearer. Cleaning grime off your lights means others will be able to see your car more easily at night or in adverse driving conditions. In other words, a cleaner car is a safer car.

Preventing Damage

A thorough wash will help get rid of corrosive materials on your vehicle, like sulfuric acids and other chemicals churned up from the road. This in turn will keep your car or truck in better shape, allowing the paint and working parts to last a lot longer. Don’t underestimate the effects of acid rain, decaying bugs and road salt on your car’s body and undercarriage. Clean that goop off now. And while you or your car-care professional are at it, clean the grunge from your wheels and hubcaps off too.

By maintaining a clean car, you’ll be a lot safer while driving and you’ll save yourself a ton of money down the road.

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