Sure, your iPhone is cool and can do everything except eat your breakfast and tuck you into bed, but there was a time when another phone was all the rage.

Remember the Sports Illustrated sneaker phone? You know, the one that was such a high quality product you could get it for free simply by subscribing to the magazine? Yeah, that phone.

Revisit the majesty of this technological wonder in this vintage commercial, in which unsuspecting men, presumably dragged to the mall by their wives, wander into a Foot Locker-looking store only to discover that what appears to be a run-of-the-mill early '90s sneaker…is actually, yes, a sneaker phone. These knuckleheads laugh at the phone like they've just heard the greatest knock-knock joke ever. Why, we can only imagine the laughing fit these fellas had when they walked by the TV on a random Saturday morning when their kids were watching 'Saved by the Bell' and first saw Zack Morris rocking this puppy.

Yup, the sneaker phone could very well be the greatest invention since the printing press, which allows us to enjoy Sports Illustrated, which, in turn, did its darnedest to hook us up with said phone. It all comes full circle.

Now, if someone could just figure out how to get our iPhones to eat breakfast so we can get on with our day...

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