National "Eat What You Want Day" is coming up this Friday. Where's the best place in the Grand Valley to celebrate? Let the magic wheel decide.

According to the website Holiday Insights, "Eat What You Want Day" is always celebrated on May 11. Holiday Insights states, "It is one single, solitary day in the year to go off your diet and eat something you really enjoy, Today, you can set aside your dietary 'No-No' list."

This is a tuffy. It's times like this when too many options isn't necessarily a good thing. There are simply too many decisions to make. For this reason, we present the "Wheel of Food." Dozens of Western Slope restaurants are featured on the wheel. Simply give it a spin, and let it deal with the headaches.

There you go. Problem solved. If you are struggling with deciding where to go for this particular holiday, your worries are over. The "Wheel of Food" has your back. Bon Appetit.

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