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I've seen photos of these snow globe looking dining options from around the country, including over on the Front Range, but I believe these are the first ones to pop up in Grand Junction.

In 2020 dining options have changed and adapted as the COVID-19 restrictions change, but if it helps us support local restaurants and the employees that have been so negatively impacted due to this pandemic let's open more of these snow globes.

The new restaurant Devil's Kitchen open inside of Hotel Maverick located at 840 Kennedy Avenue in Grand Junction is offering up the snow globe seating to customers as a seating option. Each globe can seat up to six people at a time and make the experience even better they come with blankets, a heater, and there are lights that really help you get in the holiday spirit if dining while it is dark outside.

The snow globes were only put in place last week, but lots of customers have been requesting them specifically. It's a fun new way to enjoy a new restaurant in our area.

As you can expect during the COVID-19 pandemic each snow globe is clean and sanitized after every use.

If you want to set up a snow globe dining experience for your family it's going to be easiest and best if you call in advance, their phone number is (970) 822-4888. If you have tried this new fun dining option we want to hear about your experience, send us a message through our app and let us know your reaction.

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