It doesn't get more American than sitting down with your dad and having a bonding moment when you  watch your favorite NFL team. Somehow this one got a little out of hand and it didn't end like other father-son bonding moments where you shake hands or hug. Worst of all it was all over the Browns game.

Last Sunday, Logan Knight and his father were watching the game at a local Buffalo Wild Wings. Apparently, Logan had a bet against his father on the Browns game. So they decided to go outside and discuss their bet. When the argument got too heated, the two started throwing punches. Bystanders broke up the fight, and then Logan pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed his father in the leg.

Cleveland Browns v New York Giants
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The bet was that the Browns were a 10 point underdog. They lost 41-27 after being down only by 10 at half. He might have had better luck if he would have bet that Bradshaw would rush for over 200 yards, or that rookie Quarter Back Brandon Weeden would attempt to passes on one play. Those both would have been winning bets. Whoever is dumb enough to bet on the Browns deserves to be hurt and deserves today's Nincompoop in the News.


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