Someone in Colorado just won $7 million from Saturday’s Lotto drawing. Who was the winner? Possibly you. The person with the winning ticket has yet to step forward.

Check your wallet. Did you by any chance purchase a ticket from Buffalo Billy's Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado? Do the numbers on your ticket read 1-6-9-25-34-38? If that's you, you might want to speak up. You have a tidy little sum of $7,178,202 coming to you.

While we're at it, what exactly is Buffalo Billy's? I don't get to Cripple Creek very often, and am not familiar with this place. Buffalo Billy's is a casino in the historic district. It has been in business since 1988.

If you happened to be at Buffalo Billy's recently and happened to purchase a Lotto ticket, please be sure to double check it. Someone out there just won some big bucks.

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