We have all heard about restaurant employees looking for other careers throughout this pandemic. First, because restaurant hours had been cut and they needed to provide for their families. Now restaurants across the country are looking to reopen but many of their staff members have found other work or would prefer to look into other employment.

To be honest, I assumed we were in a safe little Colorado bubble and this isn’t an issue that we would see but I was wrong. As we are finding out that multiple restaurants are changing their hours as we pull out of this pandemic.

Some Grand Junction Restaurants Extending Hours of Operation Others Going the Opposite Direction

We got the details on the Blue Moon Bar and Grille the popular Grand Junction for food and drinks located at 120 North 7th Street in Grand Junction has announced they will be closed on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future.  This is to allow their employees to get some rest as they have run themselves ragged trying to recoup some of the losses from the pandemic. But Café Sol at 420 Main Street in Grand Junction has just extended their hours opening again at 8 a.m. instead of 10 a.m.

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Remember a Few Things When Visiting Restaurants After the Pandemic

These employees are working hard to make sure you have a good experience and enjoy your meal. But many restaurants are understaffed right now. So, be patient with your server, and please tip generously. The pandemic caused a lot of chaos for many people including food service workers. Be kind as you continue to support local businesses and restaurants.

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