2019 is turning into the year of the Colorado Avalanche. Not the hockey team; the actual natural disaster.

Each year, Colorado sees an average of 2,500 avalanches a year, and 2019 is already blowing right past that number. In the last nine days, the state saw 500 slides.

Highway 550/Red Mountain Pass

Highway 550/Red Mountain Pass was closed for a week after slides covered the roadway. Over the weekend, CDOT performed mitigation work causing a giant snow slide to cover the highway with 60 feet of snow. So much snow slid off the mountain it backfilled the Riverside Snow Shed, a structure designed to protect drivers from a natural avalanche. Needless to say, Highway 550 is closed indefinitely.

Mitigation Work Along I-70

CDOT performed mitigation work along I-70 throughout the weekend to help keep motorist safe from a natural slide. Sections of the interstate were closed creating headaches for weekend travelers. CDOT triggered slides at three common slide paths, Vail Pass, Ten Mile Canyon, and Silver Plume. Only one of the controlled slides made it to the interstate, Ten Mile Canyon. As you can see in the video, the slide took out paths of trees.

Historic 'Landscape-Changing' Avalanche Near Aspen

A massive slide along the Highland Ridge in Aspen caused so much damage the landscape is unnoticeable. The avalanche moved with so much force it traveled across the valley floor up the opposite ridge and down the valley. The trailhead to the popular Conundrum Valley Trail was completely destroyed, with a house on Conundrum Creek Road suffered some damage.

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