During winter time, you can see different "snow animals" on the Grand Mesa. There is also a way to tell if it's spring yet by looking at one of the animals on the Grand Mesa.

I remember as a little kid looking at clouds and pointing out different shapes and figures. It seemed all my friends saw something completely different in the clouds than I did. Well, that kind of works the same when you look at the snowy Grand Mesa. A lot of people see animal figures, and they may differ depending on who you talk to.

Britton Crone
Britton Crone

I have always seen a hawk, swan, and a lion. Others have said they see a bear and a swan. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who sees the hawk or not. Our digital manager says he sees a turkey. Do you see a turkey where the hawk is?

The urban legend is that when the neck of the swan breaks, it is officially springtime. Watch for it this spring to see if it's true.

What animals do you see in the Grand Mesa? Tell us what you see below in the comments.

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