Are you looking for a chance to get out and enjoy a walk through Western Colorado without having to set aside an entire day to do it? Here's a simple hike almost anyone can do in one hour.

Gunny Loop, considered part of Grand Junction's extensive Lunch Loop Trail System, is only a few minutes out of the valley. The entire reason why Lunch Loop was designated as such is due to the fact it offers trails you can "ride on your lunch break."

This entire network offers trails which loop back, and as a result, can be hiked in short periods of time. Of all the trails in this network, Gunny is by far my favorite.

Gunny loop can be accessed a couple of different ways. Probably the most common way would be the designated parking area on Little Park (bottom arrow). You can also access it from a fairly well-known pullout off the east side of Little Park (top arrow), about a half a mile or so from the main parking area.

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The best qualities offered by Gunny Loop:

  • Easy access
  • Almost no technical areas to deal with
  • Great parking
  • Close to town
  • Nice People
  • Most of Western Colorado's trademark features
  • Public facilities (okay, I'll just say it... bathrooms)
  • Great photo ops
  • Interesting sites
  • Fun but quick walks

The next time you find yourself with an extra hour on your hands, rather than sitting in front of the TV or lounging at the coffee shop, hit Gunny Loop. Stop at the coffee shop on the way. That's what I do. It's your chance to enjoy a great walk when faced with a tight budget of time.