With the possibility of snow sticking and getting slick it's a property owners responsibility to make sure that the snow and ice around your house including the sidewalk is free from ice and snow.

Apparently, one Grand Junction woman fell because of a slick sidewalk and wants to remind everyone to get out there and de-ice.

One Grand Junction woman is hoping people will get out and do that. She and her family walk a lot and take the bus, but in weather like this, it can be dangerous.

Normally we don't get a lot of snow our winters are pretty mild compared to some but when the snow does fly it is a property owner responsibility to shovel or you could face a fine.

Grand Junction Municipal Code Section 12.16.090 states that sidewalks adjoining your home and/or business must be cleared of snow, ice and debris within 24 hours after a snowfall. You could face a fine if you don't clear your area.