Some places are giving a day off to vote.

'Take Election Day Off' is the name of this campaign. It has been started, mainly, by smaller tech companies. Others including Spotify, TaskRabbit and even the clothing company Patagonia are jumping on board.

These employers are giving their employees a paid day off on Election Day. The purpose is to encourage citizens to get out and vote. Not only for the President but of all types of local and state offices.

Would this be something worth having here in Grand Junction or statewide in Colorado? Of course, you would have to have proof that you voted and remember you CAN NOT take a selfie with your ballot. It probably would make it easier for people to get out and vote, but isn't that why they created the mail-in ballot system? Sure, there would be a bunch of people who take advantage of this, but that's always going to be the case.

So, if you had to vote on this issue, how would you?