Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told 9News, “It looks to me like there’s a few individuals that are selling out the integrity of the Aurora Police Department and of this profession for some unknown reason."

Yesterday morning, Smith criticized the handling of an Aurora Police Officer, Nate Meier, who was found passed-out drunk in his police car.

According to 9News, the police report stated Meier's car's engine was running, his foot was on the break, and responding officers said he was wearing his uniform and had his service weapon on him when he was found.

According to 9News, three responding officers reported that Meier was unresponsive and they had to break a window to get him out of the car.

Even though the responding officers reported smelling alcohol on his breath, Aurora police claimed, “there was no evidence located in the vehicle indicating this was an incident involving alcohol” and the incident was handled like a medical situation, according to 9News. 

Aurora police said that Meier was demoted from agent to officer and "received significant unpaid suspension" following the incident.

Reports released Thursday show that Meier told the department he was "impaired" and admitted to going home during his shift to drink vodka.

Meier has not been charged with DUI and is still actively employed with the Aurora Police Department.

According to the Coloradoan, Larimer County Sheriff wrote the following on his Facebook page yesterday morning:

"Meier should have been criminally charged and fired and those who swept it under the rug should be held accountable," Smith wrote in a Friday morning Facebook post.

"This kind of BS behavior by the officer and lack of action by the department are inexcusable and are a slap in the face to the 14,000 brave and honorable peace officers across the state."

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