Last night at 8 o'clock I was outside doing yard work wearing a t-shirt. This is my 47th winter in Western Colorado, and I don't remember them ever looking like this. If you're new to the neighborhood, here's what Grand Junction and the surrounding area are supposed to look like in mid-January.

The photo at top shows Lincoln Park in the early 1950s. Yeah, that's right, Grand Junction proper. Not the top of the Grand Mesa, or even up-valley for that matter. That's what downtown Grand Junction has been known to look like in mid-winter.

Granted, Western Colorado is not Chicago or up-state Minnesota. We don't get hit with 20-below temperatures very often. We are, however, in the mountains, and tend to at least see a little snowfall. We're not exactly the North Pole, but we do get some decent snow. For those new to the neighborhood, you're probably doubting this.

If you're still not convinced, check out the video below. Both videos include images from late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant.

If things don't improve soon, we may all have to put these two videos on a continuous loop and just let them run until spring. This may be the closest thing to snow we'll see.

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