A senseless booby trap has injured two cyclists on a trail in Colorado Springs.

According to KRDO, both victims were cycling across a bridge on the Rock Island Trail when they fell victim to a trip line strung across the path. Both cyclists flipped off their bikes, resulting in serious injuries for one.

The Trails and Open Space Coalition reports the perpetrator of the crime strung a taut line across the bridge. One victim was hospitalized with cracked ribs, a broken clavicle, and a concussion. The other cyclist was more fortunate. They were bruised, but not seriously injured.

What might have started as a silly prank has turned into a long-term recovery for one cyclist? I have a deep appreciation for the pain and complications associated with a broken clavicle. It's certainly no walk on the beach.

The crime is currently under investigation by the Colorado Springs Police Department. The public is asked to keep an eye out for other safety hazards and illegal activity.

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