There have been lots of songs about riding the train, and for the longest time, train travel was the primary way to get across the country. If you want to see a part of the country not always traveled by road, ride the train and enjoy the trip.

I recently traveled back to the Midwest for a reunion, and I took the train to get there. You might be surprised at how affordable and popular riding the train is today. There is two daily trains that travel through Grand Junction every day, one going east and one going west, on it's way to and from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay area.

This was not my first time riding the train back and forth, but I did upgrade my seats and it was well worth it. The train travels through the northern Colorado mountains after you get through Glenwood Canyon, along the Colorado river and the Frazier River. This is a part of the state that is really only accessible by train, and it is beautiful.

While the train does take longer, you have room to spread out and lounge, eat full cooked meals, take a shower, or lay out flat in a bed that is not too uncomfortable. I reserved a roomette for the return trip and that was definitely the way to go. There is an upper and lower bunk that allows even someone as tall as me to stretch out and relax. All seat and rooms have power outlets to keep your electronics going, and your kids playing games or watching movies. The only thing needed it WiFi so you can work or download more movies as you travel.

I love traveling by train, and it is a very convenient way to get to Glenwood Springs in about 90 minutes. Denver takes a bit longer at 8 hours and 50 minutes, but the station is at the end of the 16th Street Mall if you want to catch a night in the Mile High City. I will one day take a trip across the country on the train, just to enjoy the ride.

You can find out all of the information at or download the Amtrack app. Nothing beats enjoying the ride as you see the country.