Mickey Guyton has released a music video for her latest single, "Heartbreak Song." The upbeat track puts a spin on the traditional breakup tune -- this girl doesn't need to write a sad song to get over her ex!

Released back in June, "Heartbreak Song" proves that breakups don't always have to be full of tears and regret. Of course, breaking up is always hard to do, but this time around, Guyton won't give her ex the benefit of a brokenhearted tune.

“I ain’t gonna hit you with a heartbreak song / I ain’t gonna give you what you’re bettin’ on …,” Guyton sings in the song’s chorus. “I ain't gonna bore you with a sob story / Go crying to my friends and throw a hate party / It's so overrated, overplayed, and I'm okay / I'm just better without you."

In many ways, "Heartbreak Song" is the ultimate girl-power tune, and that's what Guyton wanted to reflect in its colorful music video, which was directed by Shane Drake. The singer didn't want the clip to portray a sad and lonely girl, but an empowered woman ready to make life her own.

"It is such a powerful song, and I wanted to be able to express the right emotion in the video ... of being empowered and free from a bad relationship," Guyton tells EW, adding that much of the video's strength comes from Drake's direction: "[He is] is so talented at making women look beautiful, so not only did I feel glamorous during the shoot, but I’m so happy with the final results."

"Heartbreak Song" is the first new track from Guyton since she released her self-titled EP in May of 2015, but the rising country artist has certainly stayed busy since then: She spent time on the road, opening for Brad Paisley on his Crushin' It World Tour, and just a few weeks ago, Guyton announced that she is engaged to her long-distance boyfriend of four years.

“Heartbreak Song” is available for download on iTunes.

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