A small business in Laramie, Wyoming, has come under fire following a Facebook post citing the aftermath of a holiday sign displayed in the business's door. How would Grand Junction react to such a sign?

Joe and Manni Hageman, owners of Scrap Tree in Laramie, claim they've endured criticism from customers opposed to the "Merry Christmas" sign hanging in the doorway. Eventually, they added a second sign with "Happy Holidays" crossed out.

Upon posting this to social media, responses in every color of the rainbow began to pour in. Regarding the usage of "Merry Christmas" as opposed to "Happy Holidays," Manni said:

Only hateful people think the worst! Many of you know me and know that I am NOT a hateful person, I am just sick and tired of the NONSENSE. The message I am trying to get across is this..... YOU have no right to disrespect my Tradition, my religion, my beliefs. YOU have no right to label "Merry Christmas" as being offensive . Because it isn't, EVER.
YOU don't have the right to try to take our FREEDOM away by demanding that we not wish you a Merry Christmas.

Feedback began pouring immediately via the comment section. Some comments supported the shop's sign, others opposed. Some posts, like the one below, viewed it as a publicity stunt concocted by the store owners to drum up business.

facebook comment

Manni has stated she is hurt over the controversy. According to Laramie Live, she said, "there was never any desire to offend anyone."

In my opinion, this is a very slippery slope. For twenty year's I've performed at a local annual concert. The title of this event has always been the "Annual Holiday Concert." Why holiday and not Christmas? Very simple. A large portion of the programming for the concert involves music originating from holidays other than Christmas. The months of November and December are loaded with holidays ranging from Christmas to Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, etc. One of the signature pieces performed at this event would be the holiday classic "Dreidel Samba," most definitely NOT a Christmas tune.

How would signs such as these fly over in Grand Junction? Would either sign spark outrage? For that matter, would Grand Junction residents actually speak up to the store owners over this matter?

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