Sandhill Crane Dinosaur National Monument
Getty Images

The Sandhill Crane migration is rolling strong near the Quarry Visitor Center at Dinosaur National Monument. Visitors see hundreds of these amazing birds every day.

Be sure to have the sound on as you watch the video. At times it sounds almost like crickets chirping, doesn't it?

What exactly is a Sandhill Crane? According to Wikipedia, the name refers to habitats like those near the Platte River and the Nebraska Sandhills. These areas are where you would expect to find the nominotypical subspecies. Alright, so what does nominotypical mean?

According to Wiktionary:



Of a subspecies, having a name which repeats the species name, designating that it represents the originally described population.

These birds have been hanging around since at least October 15, the date when the video was shot. Visitors to the monument have seen hundreds of them as recently as last weekend.

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