Some sports fans take following a team to the extreme. Sure, you want to feel like your part of the team, supporting them every step of the way, and feeling their pain during a loss.

This especially goes for Kile.

Kile took his uber love of the New Orleans Saints to a whole new level -- of immaturity.

After the Saints loss to the Minnesota Vikings, Kile took it personally. As if he was the one who threw the interception.

First, Kile punched his TV.

Then, while his better half was yelling at him, Kile chucked his 65-inch TV over the balcony to his apartment.

Maybe Kile needs some anger management classes. Or a Xanax or something.

But what does Kile really need?

Hopefully, after Kile replaces his TV, he's not a fan of any other team playing their way to the Super Bowl.

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