News no one likes to hear.

For the fourth consecutive year, sexually transmitted diseases are increasing in Denver and experts believe it's because, in part,  fewer men are wearing condoms.

More than one in 100 people in Denver have contracted Chlamydia, with an estimated 7,317 people infected. Chlamydia is often not detected in women for years after contracting it, and results in infertility in some cases as well as pregnancy issues.

Gonorrhea cases increased 150% over the previous four years and there were 75 new cases of syphilis reported as well.

Health officials state:

The best way to prevent STDs is to use a condom every time and limit your number of partners,” said Wendel.  “What’s more: all sexually active young men and women should ask their provider about being tested for STDs at least once a year.

Health officials recommend regular testing for both men and women who are sexually active and to take proper precautions whether you have been diagnosed with an std or not.

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