Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey are going to be parents. The couple are expecting their first child together, they've revealed.

The Dickersons shared their big news with People on Wednesday (April 15). They've been married since 2013, and Kailey had been trying to get pregnant for about nine months.

"It just got to the point where we’re like, 'Well, if it happens, it happens. It’ll happen when it does,'" Dickerson says. "It’s all God’s timing on that part. So yeah, I was completely surprised."

Dickerson learned that he is going to be a dad on New Year's Day. Kailey revealed her pregnancy to him then, calling it a late, final Christmas gift.

"She put a stocking up on the mantel and I opened it," Dickerson shares. Inside was a pair of "little navy blue slippers with big white letters on them [reading] 'Best Dad.'"

The Dickersons do not yet know their baby's sex, so they're waiting to pick a name and decorate the nursery until they find out. However, there's a family naming tradition that Dickerson wants to keep going.

"My family has the tradition of the initials R.E.D.; mine’s Russell Edward Dickerson and my dad is Richard Edward Dickerson," the singer explains. "I want to keep that tradition going, if it’s a boy, of our ‘Edward Dickerson’ name."

Thus far, Kailey's pregnancy "could not look more perfect;" she's been fortunate to have "zero" morning sickness. Her husband knows she'll make an amazing mom, too.

“Kailey will be the one that they run to when they get hurt or have to talk about if their feelings got hurt or anything,” he says. “Mama Kailes will definitely help them through that.”

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