About two years ago I had a close friend of mine tell me about this website that he buys things from. It was one of those really cheap sites where everything is under $10 and you never know what you might stumble upon. He found a bidet for like $6 and he said he was going to buy it. I told him he was an idiot and it was a waste of money.

Fast forward to the Coronavirus Pandemic we are currently facing with the specific COVID-19 virus and everyone stockpiling toilet paper and his crazy idea from a few years back doesn't seem so insane now.

With so many of our neighbors rushing out to grab as many rolls of toilet paper as possible I have seen more people posting online about getting a bidet set up within their home. I'm just not sure I would be as comfortable with a bidet as I am with regular ol' toilet paper.

I'm very much a creature of habit so making a switch to my normal bathroom routine is always going to catch me off guard, but there are so many variables about bidets that I just don't know about. I understand that water replaces toilet paper but what about water temperature? Also, what about water spray placement?

While I am not ready to give up my toilet paper yet, there are still plenty of bidets available through Amazon if you're wanting to make the switch. Click here to see their selection as they aren't sold out yet. Stay healthy my friends.

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