Fresh off the recent release of his new music video for his current single, "There Was This Girl," Riley Green stopped by Taste of Country Nights to reveal who inspired the song.

Well, sort of — it's complicated.

"It’s probably in general," he says when asked by host Sam Alex if the song was written with a specific girl in mind. "I probably had a few in mind, but I mean, I feel like every girl I ever dated thinks every song I ever wrote is about them. I just change eye and hair color in there every once in awhile."

The former college football player has to deal with this sort of thing now, as his star continues to rise in country music. While the Alabama native is still getting used to his new gig as a major label artist with Big Machine Records in Nashville, Green says its been smooth sailing thus far.

"You hear these stories about people who maybe aren’t that nice when you meet them, but I haven’t had anything like that," he insists. "Everyone has been really great that I have met."

One of his best buddies in the business? Sam Hunt.

"Me and Sam used to play shows together," Green reveals. "He was one of the ones I knew that went on to have huge success."

In fact, the two just missed playing college football at the same time.

"Sam was older than me," Green recalls. "He was a little ahead of me. He was probably a better ball player than I was. He was a big 'ole boy back in the day."

Green's "There Was This Girl" is on his In a Truck Right Now EP.

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