Sometimes we can miss out on the beauty that's right in our own backyard, and it's possible you have missed out on Rifle Falls, one of the coolest features in Western Colorado.

It is just an hour and 15 minutes to Rifle Falls from Grand Junction, but I wonder how many others - like me- have lived in the Grand Valley for years but have never seen the falls.

Often time, the wonders of nature are hidden perhaps by a substantial hike- like Hanging Lake -  or significant miles that must be traveled. Rifle Falls is not one of those.

Once you arrive at the Rifle Falls parking lot, it is just a matter of a couple hundred yards and you are at the falls. And, for those that want to do some exploring, you can take a path that gets you near the top of the falls. You will also find some caves to explore that aren't deep, but are quite interesting.

Of course, pictures don't do it justice, you really need to experience Rifle Falls in person. Enjoy the photos, but if you have never been there, hopefully, a trip to the falls is in your future.

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